Sad, Sad Day for WV Vapers

June 13, 2016

Today a post from Paul Blair of Americans for Tax Reform reported the passage of a new tax for West Virginia vapers.

While purported vaping “savior” Del. Faircloth was rallying the masses in Ohio in support of his new e-liquid and now failed vaping campaign, the West Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate were voting to pass Senate Bill 1013, their budget bill, and Senate Bill 1012.

Del. Faircloth’s proposed amendment to remove vapor products from Senate Bill 1012 was rejected, and after passing a voice vote Saturday evening, this new bill was voted into effect during Sunday’s session and publicly announced today.  The bill, introduced by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and having passed 63-45, was supported by 42 of 64 total Republicans and 21 of 36 Democrats. Two delegates were absent and failed to vote.

It is now one of only five states to enforce a sin tax on its residents, and West Virginia now holds the third highest tax rate in the country for vapor products.

This bill is expected to create some $98 million in new state revenue throughout the next year by placing excessive “sin” taxes on both cigarettes and e-liquid.

According to Senate Bill 1012, Cigarettes will now be subject to a $0.65 tax increase for each pack of cigarettes sold, and $0.075 per mL for each e-liquid sold. That means an additional $2.25 for a 30mL bottle and $4.50 for 60mL bottles above the 6% sales tax already in place.

Worse yet, all wholesalers and businesses must now obtain approval by the Tax Commission effective July 1st. Details are not yet available on the approval process but will be shared here once they have been made public.

The article continues to discuss Americans for Tax Reform’s strong opposition to the bill, citing an expected chain reaction of “black market smuggling, cross-border sales, and the seeking out of lower cost products in cheaper markets” to the detriment of both residents and business owners alike.

This comes on the heels of California’s recent legislation severely restricting and even halting the vaping business within the state.

Now, more than ever, we need to rally together, support our big advocacy organizations (American Vaping Association, SFATA, CASAA, and Not Blowing Smoke), and make sure we are ALL doing our part to overturn unreasonable legislature and protect our rights as vapers!

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